Gold Membership - 1 Year (first 3 months free)

Gold Membership - 1 Year (first 3 months free)

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Gold: Sign up for 1 year ($89.99) and get first 3 months FREE

Register up to 3 vehicles on the “Registry”

Services provided with “Gold Membership (public)”.


1)   List up to 3 vehicles, 2 exterior pictures & 2 Interior pictures per vehicles.

2)    Categorize and display the vehicles and its description on the PCR website.

3)    Advise on the daily rental rate, Insurance, & transporting vehicles.

4)    Verify that the production company wanting to rent your vehicles/equipment is registered in the province of British Columbia with the BC Film Commission.

5)    Contact the owner and inform them of the interest in their vehicles and pass on the production company contact info.

6)    Provide the Production client with the owner’s email and or phone #